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HNL Physiotherapy - Main Focus

Physiotherapist with equipment for an active physiotherapy


I have a doctor’s private prescription for physiotherapy and need an appointment!

Room for a chiropractic treatment


I don’t have a prescription, but I still want to get physiotherapy or chiropractic.

Room for a chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic Treatment

I need a timely appointment for a chiropractic treatment on my spine or other parts of the body.

Athlete with rugby ball

Medical care for Athletes

I’m an athlete. I always have big goals for my training and competitions. I don’t want to leave anything by chance!

Room for a chiropractic treatment

Pain - Management

Finally I want to get to know ways to actively deal with my pain!

Laptop for video consultation in physiotherapy

I have acute problems, but I don’t want to come into practice during the Corona crisis. I need a quick video consultation appointment!

In the end, the individual problem of the patient decides which individual treatment is necessary.
Physiotherapist Matthias Hähnel
Matthias Hähnel
HNL Physiotherapy