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Video Consultation

I have acute problems, but I don’t want to come into practice during the Corona crisis. I need a quick video consultation appointment!

Laptop for video consultation in physiotherapy

The crisis and uncertainties associated with the Corona virus / the Covid-19 pandemic have a major impact on our everyday life – this is also noticeable in physiotherapy practices: Patients come to the practice with discomfort or cancel the appointment altogether , although physiotherapy treatment is necessary.

A video consultation is also feasible and useful for treatments such as physiotherapy.
Physiotherapist Matthias Hähnel
Matthias Hähnel
HNL Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy as video consultation

Teletherapy is supposed to remedy the situation

The statutory health insurance companies have now paved the way for video consultation, the so-called teletherapy. What is it about? Physiotherapy, for which the patient would normally have to come to the practice, can now be safely completed at home. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) writes to the Physiotherapy Association Physio Germany: „Certain forms of physiotherapy such as classic physiotherapy treatment, for example based on neurophysiology, can also be carried out as video treatment.“ is connected to the patient via video stream in order to do exercises, guide or correct the patient. [Source: Physio Germany]

HNL Physiotherapy will now also offer this online consultation

This means that advice can be obtained both for the prescribed physiotherapy and as a consultation appointment that is paid privately.

How does the video consultation hour work?

Here is a step-by-step explanation:

    1. Make an appointment – online or by phone
    2. Receive login data automatically by email
    3. Install Zoom
      as an app on your smartphone or PC
    4. log in at the agreed time
    5. Here we go!

After the video consultation there is free access to rehathlon for four weeks if necessary so that you can watch exercises and training courses again and again and to accompany the safe training at home.


Please note that my benefits can only be reimbursed by private health insurers. But even as a GKV health insurance patient, you can benefit from a quick start of treatment as a self-paying patient. I also treat children and adolescents – there are specialized therapists for babies and toddlers.

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Room for a chiropractic treatment

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Make an appointment for a video consultation – whether with a private prescription for physiotherapy or as a consultation as a naturopathic service.